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Every Fan Must Know These 7 Kpop Concert Ticket Tricks

Mar 6, 2019 | Concerts

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, panicked over buying tickets to your favorite K-pop group?s concert? Speaking from experience, it can be valuable to prepare ahead of time to make a ticketing ?bloodbath? slightly less gruesome.

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Read up on the Concert Announcement

Before tickets go on sale, groups will announce tour dates on their official Twitter pages. Research what kind of tickets you want (e.g., seated or standing) and how much you are willing to spend on these tickets. It is also important to figure out where tickets will be sold.

Concert dates and locations for BLACKPINK?s tour in North America (YG Entertainment).

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Use every available electronic device. Be certain to make different ticketing accounts for each device, as this will make security checkout exceptionally faster! Likewise, don?t be afraid to recruit family and friends. All is far in love and concert ticketing wars!

Log In Beforehand

You have only five to seven minutes to decide whether or not to purchase a ticket, and because of this, you don?t want to waste time. If you need to sign up or into your account within that five to seven minute window, this lost time could ultimately cost you a ticket.

Scaling the Enemy?s Fortress: Can?t Get Through!

If you can?t purchase tickets on one website or have encountered a ?no more tickets available? message, try another official online vendor.

Don?t F5

You may be stuck in a waiting room. Whatever you do, do not refresh the page unless it crashes or you are met with a ?sold out? message. If you refresh, you will lose your position in the waiting ?line.?

Don?t Listen to Lies!

If the website declares tickets are sold out, don?t believe it for another hour. Truth be told, many people may still be deciding whether or not to ?keep? tickets, or similarly, their five to seven minute time limit may expire. At that point, these tickets will be re-released for someone else to claim.

Woah, Livin? on a Prayer

Dependent on the popularity of the group you?re trying for, the ticketing process may be emotionally and mentally draining. Keep your fingers crossed and celebrate your victories!

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