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3 Things I miss the most about Korea

Mar 7, 2019 | travel

Fortunately, I left Korea when I was old enough to remember what it’s like to live there. Unfortunately, I remember them so well that I sometimes compare the lifestyles and cultures between Korea and America. These are the 3 main things that I miss the most from living in Seoul.

1. You don’t need a car to go from A to B in Seoul.

Their transportation system is amazingly well developed, especially within the city of Seoul. There are bus stops and train stations almost everywhere that visitors don’t need to drive cars to get around. In fact, sometimes it might be faster to take public transportations than driving cars through traffic and wasting time looking for parking spots since Seoul is a densely populated city. Oh, and did I mention that Korean train system is #1 in the world? A lot of times they provide wifi too, so you don’t have to worry about riding a long train ride without internet!


2. No need for tips at the restaurants! Tax is already included in receipts.

Korea doesn’t have the tipping culture. Also, the tax is included in the price that people see on the menu. So if the food is listed as ? 6,000 won (approximately $5 in American dollar), you pay ?6,000 won, no surprises. On a side note, Korea has a lot more variety of food choices including street food and convenient stores, and their prices are usually cheaper than America. The cheap and fast delivery option is now becoming more common for a lot of restaurants. There?s no need to leave the house for late night cravings!


3. Everything opens late, or just doesn?t close!

The night in Korea, especially in Seoul, is never dark. The cafes and restaurants that are open for 24 hours are now becoming more popular there. Since there are a lot of late night eaters, students who study for their tests and people who want to have social hours after work. Seoul is still very busy and crowded at night, therefore it makes it a comparably safer place to walk around.

Oh, how I miss thee! Whenever I watch Korean Meok-Bangs on Youtube late at night, I feel nostalgic for Korea, where I could just pick up the phone and order the box of fried chicken, and walk to the convenience store to get a banana milk at 12 am!


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