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3 Reasons why KwangHee is the hottest Korean Celeb

Mar 8, 2019 | actor

Ever since KwangHee completed his military duty and came back to the entertainment industry, he has been the most sought after celebrity on Korean variety shows. He is now on various talk shows as a panel, as a guest, and as a host.

Because of his unique and cheerful characteristics, Korean communities have missed him while he was in the military. He comes off as more ?real? and likeable because of his bright friendly, goofy and easy going nature. This is different the more charsimatic persona of other idols.

What made KwangHee this popular? Watch these videos to find out why:.


1. He’s the best at being the worst actor, ever.

The scene where he attemped to do Korean dubbing for ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ is by far the most loved and re-watched scene of his variety show career. Korean people call this scene “the video we watch whenever we feel down” because it is just so hilarious. Although there isn’t English subtitle for this video, you can totally see why this scene is so popular by listening to his tone and the voice that obviously don’t match with Captain Jack Sparrow’s character!
Also, the light and playful caption style this program chose for his dubbing truly represents how weight-less his acting is!

There is another scene of him trying to act like a sad killer who wants to get revenge on his enemy, a person who is very furious and a person who is frightened. As you can see, his acting skills make the judges and teammates laugh so hard!

What makes his acting funnier to watch is that he’s being very serious and sincere while he’s trying to act, but somehow it just shows the opposite!

2. He is light as paper, just like his nickname ‘a paper doll’.

The combination of his skinny frame and his poor athletic abilities make scenes like the ones depicted below even funnier. It?s why they call him ‘a paper doll’.


3. He can dance well, but he can’t make it look good.

He debuted as one of the members of male idol group ‘ZE:A’ which is now disbanded. He’s been known as a great dancer, but for some weird reason, his light movement makes his dancing look very funny and not at all serious. However, he seems well suited for the girl groups? songs!

The real reason is ?

All of this make him so entertaining to watch, but his personality is definitely what makes people keep going back to him. Watching him on TV doesn’t feel like watching a typical famous star, but it rather feels like listening to a dear friend complaining about his days. Also, his movement might be known as being ‘light as paper’, but his attitude of always trying his best, and his kind and respectful personality made people fall in love for him even more!


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