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Monthly” Idol? game: Rising gaming trend in Korea

Mar 15, 2019 | culture

“Why are my idols taking so much money? They wouldn’t have been able to debut if it wasn’t for me!” said K-Pop fans.
It might not make sense to hear this from fans. It?s more like something you?d heare from the CEO of K-Pop agencies. However, it seems that a lot of people are thinking this as they play this famous game called “Monthly Idol“, a mobile simulation game that’s becoming popular within K-Pop fandoms.
In this game, the users are the CEOs of the small startup entertainment agencies and their mission is to grow their business by creating successful idol groups.


comments from a monthly idol game

? For example!
This post is from K-Pop fan community. This fan posted and said ?My idols in Monthly Idol games have been active for 5 years, and now they have 42 mini albums. They worked like cows!? Other fans are laughing at her decision of avoiding making a full album that would?ve required to spend a lot of money away from her profit! Yes, this game is very realistic!


The interesting part is that every scenario in this game is very hyper-realistic. From casting the trainees to supporting them throughout their careers, the situations that happen here are probably something we all have seen from K-Pop industry. Dating scandals, planning for concerts, illness, disputes, and distributing the profits etc. are stuff that fans are very familiar with. Basically, users would have to spend their profit wisely whenever their idols get into troubles, so they can grow their business bigger. In order for users to gain profit, they need to schedule their idols to appear in as many shows and concerts as possible, just like in real life!

The ironic part is that those fans who have complained to their idols? companies for having extreme and unhealthy schedules, are now completely on the other side in this game. The reviews of this game are pretty hilarious, as the users confess that they have become the cruel and evil CEOs who treat their idols like their own products. A lot of the users complain about the fact that their idols take so much money from them, and that their idols keep getting into problems that need to be covered up with their expenses! As addictive as this game is, the users say that they have a better understanding of why CEOs make certain decisions for their idols and the company now.

?Watch this YouTube video of Ilhoon from BtoB playing Monthly Idol game! The video is bit long, but you can get a clear idea of how the game works, as Ilhoon himself is a first time player. Seeing how K-Pop artist himself slowly becoming a heartless CEO of his own company is totally worth the time!



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