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Rookie K-Pop Groups without Korean members and what you should know about them

Mar 29, 2019 | music

It is pretty common now to see the non-Korean members in K-Pop groups. The companies started including them so they can connect the fandoms and businesses in their home countries easily. Besides, it is pretty entertaining for fans to observe the multicultural groups’ chemistry due to the language and cultural barriers!

As the K-Pop groups are becoming more international, the two new interesting groups called Z-Girls and Z-Boys just had their debut in Korea. What makes them interesting, is that there isn’t a single Korean member participating in these groups. These groups are made up of seven members each and from different Asian countries including Japan, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. Not only do they have no Korean members, but also their song lyrics are going to be in English instead of Korean.


Z-Boys ?No Limit?

Z-Girls ?What you waiting for?

Zenith Media Contents, the company that created these groups have stated that they want to bring the fans and talents from different Asian countries together to K-Pop community, to also nurture the stars that attract the global audience.

Since both Z-Girls and Z-Boys just had their debuts on February 23rd, there is not much information available about them yet. While the Korean community is not aware of them yet, the international fandoms have started following their journey. It seems that international fans are definitely more excited for these groups? appearance than Korean fans, as Koreans are still trying to understand their style, mission, and personalities.


When I tried to research within Korean online communities to see what their opinions are about these groups, I couldn?t find that many because not a lot of Korean people know about them yet. There were some comments under the discussion about these Z-Pop project groups. In Korean, they said,

?They sound legit. However, we have seen a lot of foreign project groups like this after K-Pop got bigger and none of them ever succeeded.? – ?????

?I?m not sure about this. But if they can sing and dance well, have good songs and choreography, have attractive members, can speak Korean well and do good on variety shows, they might succeed. If not, they probably won?t make it in Korea.?- ??

?Maybe they only debut in Korea and sing in English to go overseas to perform??- ???

?Last year around this time, there was a huge issue about some Japanese AV actress debuting as K-Pop group. After they debuted, no one ever heard of them. This year, we have Z-Pop kids. We are not sure until we hear their songs and get more information. ?- ????


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