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Intro to Korean with kPOP Part 1 4hours

Week 1 : Intro to the Korean Alphabet

After a brief history of modern kPOP, we’ll begin with learning basic Korean characters. We’ll walkthrough each character and how to pronouce them properly.


Week 2: Basic Korean Vocabulary

Before we learn some basic words to build sentences, we’ll look at the Korean industry as a whole where it’s going and where it’s been.


Week 3: Independent Music Week

This is a music class afterall, we’ll begin with introducing new artist to the class who aren’t apart of big record labels. We’ll then learn some basic vocabulary.


Week 4 : Self-Introduction

The classes is whinding down but before we go you will learn how to introduce yourself in Korean.?


Christina Bernard


Music Enthusiast with a mild addiction to kPOP. I’ve taught numerous courses over the years, and this is by far my favorite. I get to introduce people to a different aspect of the HipHop genre while teaching valuable language skills.?

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