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Intro to Korean with kPOP Part 2 4hour

Week 1 : Important Vocabulary Words, and Korean Food Culture

Food is an important concept in every culture, and that’s no exception for the Korean culture. We’ll take a quick peak at Korean street food then continue our learning of Korean words and sentences.?


Week 2: Basic Conversational Phrases

We’ll continue learning basic conversational phrases and sentence endings in Korean.


Week 3: Learn BTS song

Learning is always more fun when it’s about something you like, and who doesn’t like at least one BTS song! So we’ll learn a BTS song and study Korean words and music.



Week 4 : Basic conversational phrases

Expanding our sentences and speaking skills ith basic conversational phrases.


Christina Bernard


Music Enthusiast with a mild addiction to kPOP. I’ve taught numerous courses over the years, and this is by far my favorite. I get to introduce people to a different aspect of the HipHop genre while teaching valuable language skills.?

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